Earthlings Program Options

Preschool Program

8:30AM to 11:30AM

2 / 3 year olds – Tues & Thurs
3 / 4 year olds – Mon, Wed & Fri

This is a play based program that is centred around the child’s interests. We enjoy the ‘emergent curriculum’ approach from the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care, while incorporating seasonal and traditional themes into our programming as well.

Observation and documentation are a large part of our programming. We take advantage of ‘teachable moments’ by paying attention to the areas of interest for each child. The teacher will then offer related activities, songs, stories, art projects, and games from the large selection of resources available. We then encourage further exploration in to these topics in various ways allowing the child to take the lead!

French and Spanish are spoken daily encouraging language learning. Literacy is taught through many approaches such as Jolly Phonics, and story time discussions. The ‘Pre-K’ children will become familiar with the basics for school readiness.

After School Program

1:30PM to 5:30PM

Ages 5 to 10
Monday through Friday

We pick up students from all North End Moncton schools. They are given plenty of opportunity to share ideas in the daycare and outdoors. We spend as much time outside as possible most days! The children get to choose which of the neighbourhood parks to go to each afternoon by voting on six options!

We play games and sports, create art, explore science, prepare food together, take care of gardens, grow sprouts year round, help care for pets, while encouraging dramatic play, music and dancing, skill sharing, even biking! The list goes on. We also enjoy frequent field trips to various locations around our community according to the children’s interests and current events.

Full Time Daycare

8:00AM to 5:30PM

For the school-age kids when there is no school.
March Break / Christmas Break / PD days

We respect and support the child’s innate desire to learn about the world around them through hands on experiments. Education about protecting our planet shines through in all aspects of our daily routines.

We plan plenty of fun outings for the days off from school such as Gym, Skating, Museum, Yoga, Farms

Schedule – SCHOOL YEAR:
Monday to Friday, 1:00PM to 5:30PM

Schedule – SUMMER CAMP:
Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:30PM

Vacation, Snow Days, PD Days etc:
Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:30PM

Field Trips

Daily Outings

Being located in a residential community of mainly young families allows Earthlings to choose from several great neighbourhood playgrounds each day. We also enjoy sports and water-play in our own back yard. Spending time at the public parks gives the kids a chance to see neighbours or friends from school which is great for building a sense of community.

V.I.P. of the Day

Each child gets a turn to be the “V.I.P. of the Day” (which was a child’s idea that we adopted into the programming). The V.I.P gets to choose two outdoor play areas they would like to go to, and we take a vote to decide where we will play that day. This teaches children about making fair choices and allows them to have a say in what the plan is for the day.

Exploration & Discovery

At Earthlings we encourage learning through exploration and discovery. Activities such as exploring the forest or hiking at nearby nature parks provides children with the opportunity to connect with nature. Past outings have included trips to farms, kite festivals, the beach, nature parks, yoga, apple orchards, wood carveries, and we’ve worked with the SPCA on donation drives as well!

Call 878-7554 to book a tour!

More Teachers and Smaller Group Sizes

We have 3 qualified educators in the preschool classes and 2-3 in the After-School Program. With maximum group sizes of no more 15 children, we have twice the mandated staff, which ensures a higher level of care for your child. All staff have Early Childhood Education experience, an ECE Diploma or Degree, and are active in the ECCENB Curriculum Framework Program.

Earthlings currently has four qualified educators and our license is for a maximum of 15 children. We rarely have a full group of 15 so at times we have four adults with 12 children – far in exceedance of provincial standards.

Provincial Standards EARTHLINGS
ECE Certification:
25% of Staff 100% of Staff
After School Teacher/Child Ratio:
1 Teacher to 20 Kids 2 Teachers to 15 Kids
(15 Kids Maximum ~ Typically 12-14)
Preschool Teacher/Child Ratio:
2 Year Olds: 1 to 5 3 to 12
3 Year Olds: 1 to 7 3 to 15 (Maximum)
4 Year Olds: 1 to 10 3 to 15 (Maximum)

Our Menu

We proudly serve organic/ local/ natural/ homemade/ NON GMO food. There is a four week rotating menu for snacks during the school year and we serve snacks AND healthy lunches over summer break, March Break and any day that school is closed. The menu offers plenty of variety each day and children are encouraged to help in the prep at times and clearing the dishes when finished.

Our Three Main Goals


To create a homelike preschool and after school setting with more than the required amount of qualified staff.

A better teacher/child ratio is of high importance for many reasons. It allows all children the attention they need to be happy and engaged in activities with less distractions. More qualified educators means a higher quality of care and a more natural, peaceful setting. Small groups sizes provide opportunities to pay attention to each child’s ideas and explore them further.


To provide very healthy food for our Earthlings. Our menu is mainly organic, local, natural, homegrown and homemade.

Choosing natural foods that are not processed or filled with preservatives not only boosts physical development but also helps in mental and emotional stability and focus. We serve organic, local, and non-GMO snacks and lunches and talk to the kids about the benefits for their bodies and the planet in doing so.


To teach ‘Earth-Friendly’ philosophies, care for the environment (nature and all it’s creatures), and our community.

Tending to six vegetable gardens (on the property), choosing local and organic, non-GMO food sourced from ethical practices, nature walks, visiting local farms, making recycled art projects, conserving water and minimizing waste, neighbourhood clean up day, nature exploration, participating in ‘Earth Hour’ and ’Earth Day’ celebrations.

What Our Families Say